Sunday, 28 July 2013

Jose Mourinho: Be My Teacher, Arsene

Jose Mourinho said yesterday that he wants to be like Arsenal long time manager, Arsene Wenger and stay at Chelsea for 17 years.

“Our last conversation was that I want to be here 17 years,he has to teach me how. I respect him a lot and I have the feeling that he is the same in relation to me.”
                                                                     -Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger were nothing close to being friends during the Chelsea Manager's first reign at the club. Jose Mourinho digged at Wenger 2010, asking him to explain to the Arsenal supporters how he can't win a single, little trophy since 2005.

 “He’s a nice guy,I respect him a lot and I will show my respect always. I wouldn’t bet for one single problem between us. I have had a chance to meet him much, much better when I left England. I started meeting him at the Euros, the World Cup. We had dinner.When you are not in the same league and when you are not playing against each other, it is easier to know people, it is easier to go deeper. I enjoyed speaking with him about football. He is a person with a big culture, very open to give his opinion to things.”
                                                                     -Jose Mourinho


Looks like Mourinho is a very bad student, terrible at learning. He has refused to learn everything Teacher Wenger will be willing to teach him.

When asked if he could go eight years without a trophy...
 "No, because of my mentality. I would feel strange. But you can do very good work for a club without winning lots of trophies, you can. Memories in football are normally short, there is no long-term memory. People many times forget what people have done. I don't think he's affected by that. He's a big, experienced man, he has self-esteem, he knows what he did, he knows what he is doing.To have the respect like he has from his board is fundamental and it's not because of his nice face. It's because of the work he does and also because of the respect people have for him. So, for sure, he is happy to be there. As you know, he had all these chances to leave, all these good, important clubs interested in him, so when he refuses and he wants to stay at Arsenal it's because he loves it there. It's because he has expectations for the future."
                                                                   -Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho surely picks what he learns, he doesn't want to do a "Wenger" by going eight years without winning a trophy but he wants to do a "Wenger" and stay at Chelsea for 17 years. Clever student, Mou.

Watch out Arsene, Jose can be a very dangerous student, willing and able to beat his teacher.

Mourinho Says "No Fun"

Jose Mourinho has made his players aware that he's not interested in fun on the pitch. 

"A creative player has to use his ability and, if he loses the ball trying to create or score a goal, no problem. If he's just having fun, though, and loses the ball in midfield and then doesn't defend, and the team concede, that's a problem. These guys have to go out there to produce, not have fun or look to humiliate an opponent, putting the ball through their legs. It's about being respectful and having objectives."

Mourinho has never really been a fan of too skillful players, we saw Cristiano Ronaldo play under him recently. He's only interested in what the boys produce. 

I guess this means the likes of Juan Mata will get better defensively and Eden Hazard will shoot more often. Jose is here, you have to do it his way. 

Who Will Be Jose Mourinho's #10?

The No 10 position is a very important position for every team that plays football, it's highly coveted too by midfielders. Different teams use their No 10 position in different ways depending on what the manager wants. 

Jose Mourinho has always used a creative, intelligent and hardworking player in this position at every club he has been. Deco at FC Porto, Frank Lampard during his first reign at Chelsea, Westley Sneijder at Inter Milan and Mesut Ozil at Real Madrid. I believe Jose Mourinho would have enjoyed working with Lampard the most, especially for the number of goals he got from Lampard. 

Jose Mourinho has already suggested that 4-2-3-1 formation will be his favourite formation, there's always tactical flexibility with Mourinho and we will surely be seeing other formations for special matches. This article will focus majorly on the 4-2-3-1 formation.

"We will play 4-2-3-1 in the first game, my favourite system, though sometimes I change the triangle and play with one in front of defenders and two players up. Other times I play with double midfielders and a No10".
                                                                    -Jose Mourinho (The Guardian)

He mentioned names of players who are going to be fighting it out for the No10 role.
"No10: De Bruyne likes it, Oscar likes it, Mata likes it, Eden Hazard likes it. The 4-2-3-1 is a natural system for all these players to play".
                                                                     -Jose Mourinho (The Guardian)

Jose Mourinho was talking about Juan Mata and his plans for him yesterday.

"Of course he fits into my plans, I have my idea about him, about where he produces better and where he has more difficulty. We will try to help him perform better in those situations. I've always liked a right-sided player to be left-footed. I started with Robben and Duff, then Pandev at Inter and Di Maria and Ozil. Many clubs do it. It's more than a tendency."
                                                                   -Jose Mourinho

That leaves us with three choices for the No10, De Bruyne, Oscar and Eden Hazard. 
"I like wingers coming in on the inside for the penetrative movement, for the pass, for the shot. And Juan is the only player we have on the right. On the left, we have Hazard, Victor Moses, Kevin De Bruyne and Andre Schurrle".
                                                                      -Jose Mourinho (The Guardian)

Eden Hazard's name coming first among the names on the left is far from coincidental, he owns that spot. Hazard is going to feature most where he has been playing for Chelsea, on the left. 

We now have two names left in the No10 contention, Oscar and Kevin De Bruyne. Jose mentioned the two of them first anyway. It's good to see that Mourinho isn't considering Oscar on any of the wings. 

Chelsea with Oscar as 10

Oscar Dos Santos is a very talented footballer, intelligent and creative. He is a good passer of the ball, can play killer passes from the No10 position where he regularly plays for the Brazil national team. Oscar scores beautiful goals and can hit the ball with both feet with a strange technique. His 12 goals for Chelsea is last season is a good number for first season. When Chelsea fans hear his name they remember that great goal against Buffon the UCL last season. Like every player Oscar can have his off-day too but his major weakness is his lack of physicality, he can be occasionally bullied off the ball. Jose Mourinho's training sessions will surely help with Oscar's physicality.


                                           submit football lineup

Kevin De Bruyne spent last season on loan at Werder Bremen where he featured in many positions. He was their best player and one of the best in the whole German Bundesliga and made the team of the season. Kevin De Bruyne is a good passer of the ball (he may not be better than Oscar), his deliveries are excellent from set-pieces and he's probably the best crosser of the ball in the team. De Bruyne has great work rate (probably greater than Oscar). Those who have been watching De Bruyne since his time at Genk will know he takes pleasure in scoring screamers, we saw the excellent goal he scored on the Asia tour. He was brilliant for Chelsea during the Asia tour, fans were scared when he got injured and everyone is pleased he will be back. He scored 10 goals for Bremen last season. De Bruyne is a complete player, no physicality problems. He may not be able to do what others can do well as well as them both he can at least do all.

I believe form and opposition will determine who takes this No10 spot between Oscar and De Bruyne as both are quality players. Chelsea are in an enviable position having two young, talented players battling for this position.

Both Kevin De Bruyne and Oscar dos Santos have the potential to be great. Competition will only help to bring out the best from both of them and that can only be good for the club.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Jose Mourinho Will Return To San Siro In Three Years' Time?

Quote from Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti has sparked rumours that Jose Mourinho won't be staying at Chelsea beyond 2016.
   'I called Mourinho to wish him the best for his return to Chelsea. What did Jose say? He said we’ll meet again at Inter in three years.'
                                                                            - Massimo Moratti (La Stampa) 

Inter Milan's club president Massimo Moratti (L) and manager Jos

It is no secret that Mourinho loves Inter Milan as a club though it is widely believed that Chelsea is the club he loves the most. Jose Mourinho professes his love for Chelsea all the time, he confessed that he had his mind on Chelsea while coaching other clubs including Inter Milan. 

 'I am where I want to be so now it's up to me to work hard to show my club that I deserve to be here for a long time. 'We have a contract of four years, in the first stage I hope we can look to the last day of his contract and if in the end the club is happy and wants me to stay I will be more than happy to do that.'
                                                                            - Jose Mourinho 

Those were the words of Jose Mourinho during his first press conference on returning to Chelsea. He obviously wants to stay at Chelsea for a long time. All his moves at the club too testify to that.

Chelsea fans have remained loyal to Jose Mourinho, their loyalty grew even when he was away from Stamford Bridge. Jose Mourinho admitted that the loyalty of the fans touched him. The fans surely had a big influence on the club's decision to offer Mourinho the job again. Such loyalty is rare in football but Jose Mourinho surely has a special relationship with Chelsea football club. 

The truth is Jose Mourinho will return to San Siro in 2016 if Chelsea makes it to the final of Uefa Champions League that year because that's where the final match will be hosted that year. 

Chelsea fans do not need to panic, Jose is our's! Dream on,Mr. Moratti, Jose Mourinho has come home.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

David Luiz Is Furious!

Yesterday, most sections of the media claimed that Chelsea placed a bid for Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney. The bid allegedly involved either of Juan Mata and David Luiz going the other way. The rumours left Chelsea fans everywhere fuming and confused.

Chelsea confirmed that they did make a bid for Wayne Rooney but denied that any of their players was involved in the bid.

According to The Sun, David Luiz is still annoyed at persistent rumours that he would be sold. The 26-year-old Brazilian international is scared and confused, he wants the club to clearly state that he's not for sale as he doesn't want to leave Stamford Bridge.

I think I agree with David, I don't know if you do. Do you want fans' favourite David Luiz to be sold? 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Jose Mourinho Announces Team To Face Singha All-Stars

Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho has announced his first starting line-up on returning to the club as they prepare to face Singha All-Stars. 

The following players will start the first-half:
Petr CechAshley ColeJohn TerryTomas Kalas, Wallace; Frank LampardMichael EssienAndre SchurrleKevin de BruyneLucas PiazonRomelu Lukaku.

These ones will play during the second-half:
Jamal Blackman; Ryan BertrandNathaniel ChalobahGary CahillBranislav Ivanovic; Ramires, Marco van Ginkel; Victor MosesEden Hazard, Kevin de Bruyne; Demba Ba.

Kevin De Bruyne will play the full 90 minutes all things being equal. It will be good to see James Wallace, Marco van Ginkel and Andre Schurrle make their debut appearance for the club. A pivot of Ramires and Ginkel will be interesting too especially with Eden Hazard ahead of them. I would have preferred to see that combination behind Lukaku rather than Ba though.

Good luck to Mourinho and his boys! 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

REPORT: Chelsea Have Contacted Wayne Rooney's Agent

CNN Italian sports correspondent, Tancredi Palmeri has been very reliable when it comes to transfer news. Most fans will be familiar with him by now.
Looks like the Rooney to Chelsea whispers are more than mere speculation especially with the quotes that have been coming from Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho. 

Palmeri also confessed he didn't believe the rumours. 
Jose Mourinho has always been a big fan of the Manchester United striker. There's now a big possibility of Mourinho getting his wish. Chelsea fans can keep looking out for when SkyBet will suspend the Rooney to Chelsea betting.

VIDEO: All Didier Drogba's Chelsea Goals Against Arsenal

Arsenal football club and their fans will surely remember the name "Drogba" for years to come. His name still sends shivers down their spine.

King Didier Drogba, thank you for everything!!! Legend

Friday, 12 July 2013

OFFICIAL: Romeu Goes On Loan

Chelsea have announced that 21-year-old Spanish midfielder Oriol Romeu will be spending the whole of next season on loan at Valencia.

There were already whispers of this move before the official announcement with some reports suggesting that it will be more than just a loan but Chelsea haven't mentioned any clauses in the contract yet.

Romeu leaving on loan means the possibility of a new midfielder's arrival, De Rossi appears most likely to be the one.

Good luck Oriol!

Jose Mourinho Makes "Rooney" Confession

Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney has been repeatedly linked with Chelsea in recent weeks. The Rooney-Chelsea rumours became even more after Jose Mourinho in his first press conference advised the player to go wherever he will find happiness.

Jose Mourinho's comments at the Thailand tour will probably lead to more media speculation.
"It’s a tricky question because I cannot speak about players from other teams. But you know me, it’s not my kind of character to speak with a bit of hypocrisy and I always say what I think. He is a player I like very much but I can say no more than that. Being fast and direct, I like that, but he’s a Manchester United player."
                                                               - Jose Mourinho

Whatever speculation of Rooney leaving Manchester is not likely to lead to anything now as the 27-year-old is out with a hamstring injury. Mourinho obviously admires him. 

Lukaku Posts Video Of De Bruyne Dozing

He wrote this message with the video on his instagram:“You’ve been caught bro @kalle14 my big bro @iam_ess told you never sleep while you with us hahahahaahha #cfc #asia 13/14″ before writing another message “Me and @iam_ess [Michael Essien] will be chasin people that are slippin hahahhaha #TeamNoSleep at least for 3hours loool.”

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Benteke's Agent Rules Out Chelsea Switch

Aston Villa's Belgian striker Christian Benteke who recently submitted a transfer request is reportedly a transfer target for Jose Mourinho's Chelsea.

Meanwhile, his agent Eris Kismet has rubbished the possibility of the 22-year-old moving to Stamford Bridge.

According to Metro, Eris Kismet hilariously claimed the probability of his client joining Chelsea is the same likelihood that he would go to Turkse Rangers, who are an amateur seventh division Belgian outfit.

Do Chelsea even need Benteke anyway?

Juan Mata Has To Be A Serious Contender For The Fifa Ballon d'Or

Chelsea fans who were scared Juan Mata could be sold can now start to feel a bit silly but relieved at the same time. Juan Mata will be one of the most important Chelsea players for years to come,no doubt! 

Juan Mata is one of the best players in Europe at the moment. He was undoubtedly one of the best performers in Europe last season. Juan Mata's dazzling, consistent and productive displays for Chelsea was rewarded with his inclusion in the Professional Footballers' Association's team of the year, he was also Chelsea's player of the year for the second consecutive season and won Chelsea's players' player of the year award too. 

Many fans argued that Mata deserved more recognition for his consistency in a season where Tottenham's Gareth Bale scooped all major awards in England despite being quiet for most part of the start of the season before springing to life around February. 

Juan Mata has again been overlooked for the European Player of The Year award for 2013. The names on the nominees' list for the European Player of the Year award are Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Robin Van Persie, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Franck Ribery, Robert Lewandowski, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Arjen Robben and Thomas Muller. 

It's difficult to argue that any of the players nominated for the  European best footballer award shouldn't be on the list as they were all fantastic last season. Juan Mata wasn't even on the 26-man initial list (Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic made the list). 

The biggest individual accolade any footballer can win, The FIFA Ballon d'Or is still up for grabs. Lionel Messi as usual is considered favourite to win the highly coveted award and players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Arjen Robben have been tipped by the media too. Nobody has mentioned Chelsea's little magician, Juan Mata.

An argument like this has to be based on statistics else people dismiss it completely. Juan Mata was the best playmaker in the whole of Europe last season with a very impressive 28 assists for Chelsea, Mesut Ozil and Eden Hazard both registered 20 assists their clubs. 

People may argue that Juan Mata registered more assists than others due to the insane number of matches he played in for Chelsea. Playing many matches also causes fatigue to the player therefore Juan Mata's consistency despite playing that many games. 

As you can see from the statistics, Juan Mata certainly holds his own against the best players being considered. The statistics testifies to the outstanding season Juan Mata had. Juan Mata scored 20 goals for Chelsea last season in all competitions and helped Chelsea win the Europa League and finish third position in the Barclays Premier League. Most strikers will be proud of 20 goals in a single season so Juan Mata can be even more proud especially when an highly-rated player like Andres Iniesta managed just 6 goals.

Being the best playmaker in Europe is good enough reason to be a contender for the World Best Footballer award, scoring 20 goals with that is a better reason. We all know Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo... Juan Mata is definitely up there too as one of the world's best footballers.

( Stats obtained from ESPN and whoscored)