Saturday, 1 March 2014

Mourinho: "If I Could Choose, I'd Lose To Fulham..."

Jose Mourinho has claimed he wants Fulham to escape relegation this season. "The Special One" said he likes Fulham and other local rivals to remain in the division and that he has an "emotional connection" with Fulham.

”If I could choose, I’d say defeat tomorrow, then 10 victories and win the Premier League, I’d like the London teams to stay up. I have that emotional connection with Fulham, they are our neighbours and our rivals. I think rivals need each other. I think it’s very important for rivals to be rivals. I don’t think it’s good to play without rivals and especially local rivals. I think it’s good for everybody. Hopefully they can stay in the Premier League. Tomorrow, we have to try to win but. I’m concerned with people that I know and do their best for the club and the people I have contact with and I’d like them to stay in the division, nothing else.”
                                                                 - Jose Mourinho (getwestlondon)

I guess Jose Mourinho's soft spot for Fulham could be in large part because of his son who is a goalkeeper and was recently signed by Fulham. Mourinho surely and admirably loves his family, but like he said, we have to try and win. I can assure you that Mourinho wants this win as much as if not more than anyone else. His son is a Chelsea season ticket owner and this match will question his own loyalty too.

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